Focus on managing your business and automatically create online growth opportunities

MoBiz - a complete business management platform to run your business from any device, along with an app for your customers to see your products(prices,availability), access their accounts and the ability to order online thus saving you time.

Used by businesses across the world

Honestly now, is this the best way to manage your business?

Old systems thats not online, spreadsheets or physical books that give more headaches than productive results?

Are you currently...

❌ Using books or spreadsheets to track sales, invoices and inventory.

❌ Using an old system that can barely keep up and is not built for the modern world.

❌ Not able to easily take online orders and payments.

How much is this costing your business?

Choosing to do nothing could be leaving you behind.

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❌ Lost online opportunities and limited growth potential

❌Using multiple tools and resources to operate

❌Increased human error from using manual methods

❌ Wasted time on tasks that could be automated

What if you could manage your entire business seamlessly from any device?

MoBiz provides a full-service solution to run your business from any device. Easily switch between multiple companies, manage inventory, and track sales. Customers use the app to check their balances or product pricing/availability so time to focus on other areas of your business.

Step 1

Join the movement and take control of your business

Get your business up and running within minutes with MoBiz by registering below. Enter your business information including business type and location. This is to ensure your dashboard is configured specifically for your industry and business type.

Step 2

Manage and Grow

After completing the account setup process, you are now able to login to your dashboard. There you will gain access to key features to manage your business such as;

✅Inventory management 
✅POS (Point of Sale)
✅Invoice management and tracking
✅CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 
✅Performance reporting

Step 3

Online Growth

Take your business to the next level by accepting online orders and payments with MoBiz.

✅Online store
✅Merchant Account to accept online payments

Powerful Features

All you need to run a successful business.

With MoBiz, you have access to the platform and it's features from any device through our web-app or mobile app.


Choose a Plan

We offer pricing plans that fit all business types and sizes. Compare and find the best plan for you.

/ month

This plan is for you to get the ball rolling. See if this works for you free of cost.

  • 50 Products
  • 1 Staff Account
  • 100 Customer Accounts
  • 100 Invoices per/month
  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Mobile App
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Business Basic
/ month

The perfect plan for small business. Remove the limitations and focus on running your business.

  • 250 Products
  • 2 Staff Accounts
  • 200 Customer Accounts
  • 500 Invoices per/month
  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Mobile App
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Business Standard
/ month

The perfect plan for business that want to get user analytics right from start.

  • 1000 Products
  • 10 Staff Accounts
  • 1000 Customer Accounts
  • 2500 Invoices per/month
  • Inventory Management
  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • Customer Mobile App
  • MoBiz Merchant Account
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/ month

A great plan for mid-size business looking to take their user analytics to the next level.

  • 9999 Products
  • 25 Staff Accounts
  • 9999 Customer Accounts
  • 25000 Invoices per/month
  • Web App Analytics
  • Customer Support
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/ month

The most powerful option for mid and big-size businesses looking to get as much data as possible.

  • All in Pro Plan
  • 99 Staff Accounts
  • 99999 Customer Accounts
  • Training / Onboarding/Setup
  • AI-Powered Features
  • Custom Reports
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve answers. If you can’t find what we are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

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